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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Growing up is hard to do

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Growing up is hard to do

Well, this is it folks. My new home in Grande Prairie. It’s the outside of my brand-spanking new apartment building! If someone had asked me two months ago where I would be now, this is not what I would have predicted (except for maybe the 'having a job' part). I live in a one bedroom with my puppy (who’s not really a puppy anymore). There’s loads of room for one person. Underground parking. On-site gym. Balcony. 3rd floor. Heaven. My favourite thing to do it decorate. I’m slowly picking out the right furniture pieces (at good Dutch prices of course) and picture frames and decorations. I’ve really seen the place take form in the couple of months that I’ve been here. I’m excited to finally share it with everyone! More photos of the actual apartment to come!

I can't believe how fast I'm growing up *tear*... But in all seriousness, in the span of one month, I've started a new job, in a new town 1000s of kilometers from my old home. I'm now getting paychecks, and buying furniture, and paying all my own bills (no more help from dad...). I knew that I had to grow up some day, but who knew it would all happen so fast.

I guess that looking back, I did gradually gain independence, it wasn't all at once. But still, it feels like it did. I now feel that weight of all my responsibilities. That's the scariest part of it! I'm on my own folks. I've grown up. No more hand-outs.

Turns out, a lot can change in two months....



At November 11, 2010 at 1:49 PM , Anonymous jennyc said...

nice apartment! also, nice weather :)
i think your independence started at the PF, when we used to go to no frills once a month- remember that? and the fridge would be SO full and the freezer even more so.
haha good times.
keep posting friend!


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