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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Having Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas

Monday, December 9, 2013

Having Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas

Go pour some coffee. Put on a cozy sweater. Play some Christmas music. Go ahead, I won't start until you get back :) 

That's what I've been doing all weekend. Soaking up the Christmas joy!
All weekend long my hands held a warm beverage (usually of the tea variety).
I sat in comfy clothes and watched a couple of mediocre made-for-TV Christmas movies, and basked in the glow of our lovely lit up Christmas tree.
Our Christmas tree which is now FULL of wrapped Christmas presents - some for each other, some for the baby (from Santa obviously), some for family, and even one from overseas :)
It's very tempting to lift one up and shake it every now and then... 

Puppies sitting by the Christmas tree - sporting their seasonal bandanas :)

My brother sent us this gift for the baby from Japan (well... the flavoured kit kats are for us). 
I was so happy to see it was from him at the post office! BEST uncle so far! 
And well... it didn't say not to open it... so we [I] did! 

We've been diving into all the advent treats and activities :)

All Saturday afternoon was spent on my feet, baking Christmas goodies with a friend. 
It was magical. Sprinkles. Christmas music. Good conversation.
So little time, and so many cookies!

There were a LOT of ingredients involved in all of our concoctions. 
And the dogs were nice enough to keep us company... just in case a morsel fell to the floor!
(side note: They are gonna love having a baby in the house that drops crumbs everywhere!)

I think "pregnancy brain" was catching up with me by the last recipe... I may have measured these oats, and then remeasured them 3 times... resulting in a few spills to the counter top.
But all is well - they are still delicious!

Of course tradition dictates that I MUST make a homemade batch of nuts and bolts.
One of my favourite evening treats of the holidays. 
This looks like a lot, but between sharing with all our family and enjoying it ourselves, it'll be gone in no time! 
I may have to set some aside now for Christmas day!

Christmas tins can now be filled with cookies to share with friends and family.

Christmas cards are all made and getting ready to be shipped out! 
Writing in this many cards is almost as time-consuming as making them all - but I love sending them :)

Hope your December is shaping up to be just as festive as ours! 


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At December 9, 2013 at 8:56 AM , Blogger Jen Claus said...

This is inspiring me to bake the pieces for my annual gingerbread house this afternoon! (though I won`t actually build it yet). Everything looks so lovely and festive, and Nate is an awesome uncle already :). thanks again for the phone call last night!


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