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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Date Night Gift Jar

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Date Night Gift Jar

My husband and I try very hard to continue dating despite our busy schedules. 
The only problem is that we tend to re-do the same dates over and over again. 
Theatre. Movie at home. Theatre. Walk with the Dogs. Movie at Home. 

I thought maybe I could come up with a jar of "suggested dates" so that we don't have to be so creative on our own - the work is done for us! 

Here's the jar: 

What you need:
Mason Jar. Popsicle sticks. Pink, white & red spray paint. Acrylic paint. Ribbon. 
Coloured paper for a tag. Permanent Marker. 

What you do:
(1) Swoosh paint around mason jar - it paints itself. Just roll the jar around. 
(2) Spray paint popsicle sticks in different colours
(3) Write date ideas on colour-coded sticks {see below}
(4) Wrap ribbon around jar to decorate and create a tag to describe the colour differences
(5) Enjoy your dates :) 

Spray Paint

Paint Mason Jar

Spray paint popsicle sticks - they need multiple coats

Create a creative tag

Decorated Jar

Need some ideas to put in the jar? 

Red: requires more planning and more money (10 sticks)
Bed & Breakfast. Couples Massage. Weekend Away. Day trip with picnics and puppies. 
Drive somewhere we've never been. Dinner at a fancy restaurant. Concert and dinner (his & her choice). Host a Party. Shopping in the big city. 

Pink: Date night out (15 sticks)
Dinner & a movie (his & her choice). Dessert date. Bowling. Go dancing. Take the dogs for a hike. 
Grab friends for appies. Walk with ice cream. Window shopping for the home. Go watch a sports game. Go listen to live music. Coffee date. 

White: Date night in (20 sticks)
Backyard picnic & frisbee. Wine, cheese & scrabble. Nachos/wings and an action movie. Fondu and a chick flick. Board game night. Make a dessert together. Do a craft for the home. Write out bucket lists. Hottub & wine. Beer tasting at home. 

Sooo many good ideas out there! Pick some that suit you and your man :) 

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At February 19, 2013 at 7:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow my dear, i must say you are the craft master! seriously, your creativity is blowing my mind!! i love the date sticks...just hoping you don't pick picnic and Frisbee for a few more months haha. also, i'm thinking you should add a white stick that says skype date with Alyssa! I don't mind being a third wheel ;)


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