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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Love Language: Gifts

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love Language: Gifts

Here's a glimpse into the gifts that Mr. A and I shared on Valentines Day this year. 

My card for him - complete with wedding photo! 
His card for me :) 
And he did this on the inside!! So amazing! 
My gifts for him! The one on the left had bacon chocolates I made, the one on the right had cologne, and the one in the middle... well it's Valentines Day... I'll let you guess ;) 
Yumm :) 
Check out the Maple Bacon Chocolates recipe here! 
The to-go steeped tea mug he gave me! I LOVE it! He also gave me a selection
of steeped teas, and the dress I'm wearing in the background! 
Us :) Sorry I don't have a better picture of my dress! 
A pink rose they gave me at the restaurant following dinner. 

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