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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Country Cha Cha

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Country Cha Cha

When you think about the cha-cha, I'm guessing this (above) is somewhat similar to what you picture? Dancers in bright outfits. Skimpy outfits in the case of the women, lol. Lots of twists, and tons of hip action. 

Well... Mr. A and I have recently embarked on a cha-cha class, and we do NOT look like that! 

We had so much fun taking our two-stepping class through the Peace Country Western Dance Club in Grande Prairie that we decided to try some new dance classes. The next class they offered was the cha cha, so we signed up! It's been really fun actually! 

We are really getting used to how we each dance, and how he leads, and how I follow, and how to learn new steps, so it hasn't been TOO much of a stretch to learn these new moves. It's a country cha cha, so it doesn't really look like the cha cha you're probably picturing in your head. 

This is more what we are learning. Not quite as sexy, but still very fun! Maybe one day I'll have a video of us dancing to share with everyone :) 

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