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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pawsatively Free

 In case you couldn't tell from my previous post... the vacation wasn't just for Mr. A and I :) 
I think that the dogs may have actually had a better time in Jasper than we did! 
One of the many great things about Jasper is how dog friendly the town is.
{great for us... maybe not so much for people who don't love dogs!}
It's way easier for us to get-up-'n-go when we don't have to worry about where to bring the dogs.
Dogs are allowed to stay at many of the cabins, go on most of the trails, and even walk into many of the stores.
They even had dog treats waiting for them at the park gate.
Lucky pups!

Here are some snippets of the puppies enjoying their freedom with us in Jasper: 

^^ Enjoying being back in the snow! ^^
^^ Bad idea to chase mountain goats?? ^^
 ^^ Literally walking on a lake! ^^
^^ Joop being a dare devil! Daisy wasn't even brave enough to try! ^^ 

I don't think the puppies will forget about this trip for a while. 
In fact... I'm pretty sure Joop was dreaming about hiking last night {imagine little puppy feet waving back and forth here}. 
All they've done since they got home was sleep, but they LOVED every minute of every hike. 


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At April 25, 2013 at 7:54 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best puppies.... EVER

that is all



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