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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Themed Birthday for a Grown Man?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Themed Birthday for a Grown Man?

Are grown-ups to old for themed birthday parties?!? 
I don't think so! 
I already had an idea about the gifts that I was buying my husband for his birthday this year, so I decided to make a theme of it. Same type of present from me, same from the family, same theme on the card, and same theme in the wrapping :) If I had been a bit more ambitious and a bit less busy, I would have baked a matching cake or dessert... but I didn't! Next time maybe... maybe. 

But here it is... his grown-up TOOL THEMED BIRTHDAY! 

I got the link for the fun tool-themed tags here

And here is the happy birthday boy opening his presents!
For all those who care, he woke me up an hour early and asked for his present.. like a little boy on Christmas morning! 

And yet another tool! (below)
Although this tool is a very special gift from the whole family. 
I had looked EVERYWHERE for a scroll saw in Grande Prairie. Everywhere.
I stopped by at Russel's mom and dad's place and said, "Dad, there are no scroll saws in this town!"
He said, "What? Where did you look? I'll find you one!" and proceeded to pick up the phone.
He called his contacts and sure enough, I had pictures of saws in my email inbox the next day.
I showed them to Dad and there was clearly one that he thought was better... but it was a bit out of my budget range, so I said I would have to think about it.
But he wanted Russel to have the best tool so he came up with a plan and called me the next day.
He said, "We're all gonna help you buy it! I'll call everyone and ask if they want to pitch in."
And he did.
Unfortunately Dad passed away on April 7th, before Russel's birthday on the 14th, so he never got to see Russel open his new saw, but Russel will always know that it was from Dad. 
This tool will be well used and well loved :) 

And a special happy birthday from the puppies too! 

Happy Birthday to the LOVE of my LIFE !!! 


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