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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Easter Egg Strawberries

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Egg Strawberries

If you don't think that these Easter coloured, candy-coated Strawberries look amazing...
...then we can't be friends.

Since I love all things related to all holidays... I was looking for an Easter themed treat to make. 
When I saw these Easter egg strawberries I HAD to re-create them. 
They actually taste delicious. The candy coating almost has a white chocolate taste to it. 
PLUS, they're made with strawberries! So they're practically healthy snacks :) 

One of my friends was just as excited as I was tackle this mess as I was. 
So here's how a lovely Good Friday afternoon was spent with my friend.... 

Strawberries washed and ready to be transformed into a colourful mess

Candy Melts!
(Made by Wilton - bought at Michaels)

Dipping the strawberries

All dipped and ready to become Easter eggs!

Let the creativity begin!
(We just used ziploc bags and cut a small hole to allow the candy to drizzle out nicely)

The extent of our decorating skills :)

Finished product!

Can't wait to share these with my family at our Easter dinner! 

... now I'm thinking of all the candy-coated possibilities... 
... baby showers... wedding showers... birthdays... holidays... 
This may become a trend in my home... good thing Mr. A enjoyed them! 

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