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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Gardening Week: Spring Flower Baskets

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gardening Week: Spring Flower Baskets

We braved the ginormous Albertan mosquitoes to put together some flower baskets for the house! I'm no expert in this area. All I knew last year was to put some plants in some dirt and hope they grow. 
This year I'm a tad bit more knowledgable, but not much! 

My husband and mother-in-law went with me to a greenhouse to buy some plants for the baskets. Some of these below are mine, and some are my mother-in-laws. Pretty good hall though! 

Here are some nice flowers that mom already had! These will go in her garden eventually. I just took pictures because they were very pretty :) 

And then came time to do my baskets :) 
We had already cleared them out from last year, removed the weeds, aired out the soil, and put rocks in the bottom, so it was all ready to go. 
I had seen the grass bits in the middle of baskets before and I wanted to imitate it so I did! 
I put grass in the middle, yellow Gazania in the next row, and a mix of Pansies and Labilia around the outside rim. 
My mother-in-law did a basket for me last year and I was actually able to keep the pansies alive, so I knew that I could probably do it again. 
I did two exactly like this. 

I also did two baskets exactly like this. 
Dusty Millers in the centre, and Petunias along the outside! Should be easy to keep alive! 

Finally, I did our hanging basket. 
I put three separate trailing plants in it. Diamond Frost is the whispy white one. 
The other two I lost the tags for, but one of them is greenery and one will flower beautiful orangy-red flowers once it grows out a bit. They should all fill the basket nicely! According to my expert. 

Some more of mom's plants, grown by her, waiting for the garden.

Baskets all loaded up at mom's ready to come back to our home :) 

And of course... a shot of Daisy running around while we worked! 


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