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Love. Create. Celebrate. : The Ultimate Pregnancy Winter Coat

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Ultimate Pregnancy Winter Coat

I found it. 
The best winter coat for pregnant mamas. 
It's called "The M Coat".

Ok...  it may not be the best winter coat, but it is a really good one!
The reason I praise it so highly is because I've never seen anything else like it, AND it's made in Canada!

I works like this:
There is an insert that you can zip up into the middle of the coat so that the coat expands at the bottom while you are pregnant, then you flip the insert and you can walk with the baby all tucked into your coat. And finally, when you are all done, you can remove the insert and wear the coat yourself. Genius!


I've been wearing this coat all winter, and so far I LOVE it.
It's a bit expensive compared to other maternity coats, but you can keep wearing this one when you aren't pregnant anymore! Plus it's WARM!! It is obvious that the person who invented this down-filled coat has lived in cold Canadian winters!
Some friends of mine had said, "Oh its ok, you can just wear your normal winter coat with the zipper open all winter". Those friends clearly don't experience -40C weather.
This was a much better solution :)

Best. Pregnancy. Winter. Coat.


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