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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Joopje, where's the poop??

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Joopje, where's the poop??

Sooo.... winter in grande prairie is COLD! FYI.

This week it reached a low of -30 and -36 with wind chill. Also, it's going to get colder.... Although I don't mind the cold, little Joopers didn't seem to like it very much. Here's a pic of little Joop with his paws up in the air cause his little feets were too cold. Poor dog. Our walks started turning into 5 minutes or less pee breaks. He didn't poop for 3 days!! He wouldn't stay outside long enough, so obviously I was starting to get concerned for the little puppy.
So I talked to some native grande prairians to learn that dog booties were pretty standard around here. I was generally against any kind of boot, sweater, clothing, etc. combination on principle. But my poor little dog couldn't walk in the snow, so I caved in.....

Here are the booties I bought him. (20% off I might add!)

Then I had him put them on.

And here's his first attempt at wearing them.... (Note: he kicks two of them off within about ten seconds.

But eventually he figured it out. Here he is wearing all four of them!

He still doesn't love them, and usually kicks a couple off by the end of the walk. But he's getting use to them. And we had the longest walk today! Well, the longest walk in a few weeks anyway.



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