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Love. Create. Celebrate. : How to Spend Your Sick TIme

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to Spend Your Sick TIme

If you're like me... there's really nothing you want to do when you're sick. 
Too tired to read. 
Too brain-dead to watch t.v.
Too rested to sleep.
Too frustrated to cook, bake, craft, or clean. 
Can't even focus enough to knit a stitch (my new favourite hobby).

Here's how I spent my sick time this time when I was out for the count.... pretty much the same routine for a month straight, lol. 


Caught up on my book and magazine reading. 
Mostly magazines, because you only need to concentrate for one little article at a time. 

 Permanently wore comfy clothes and slippers. Seriously... I LOVE these slippers :) 

Sat with the puppies... including letting them sit on the bed, and ate ice cream (perfect sick food!).
[note: didn't eat ice cream with the stomach flu... that would be a bad idea]

Painted my nails :) You need something to help you feel pretty while you're trapped inside! 

This is one of my current favourites - a greyish-purple colour. 

Hopefully I feel better again soon :( 



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