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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Whirlwind Winter Weekend

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Whirlwind Winter Weekend

That's right! Winter has arrived in Grande Prairie! 
I'm not complaining though... if you ask me it was right on schedule :) 
The entire weekend was full of blue skies and sunshine with fluffy white snow on the ground. 
We made sure to spend some time frolicking outdoors and cozying up indoors - best of both worlds!

More homemade trifles we served friends this weekend. They look fancy, but take 10 minutes to make!

Some activities I took part in this weekend:

The first winter walk of the season was fantastic! It was soooo nice out!
And the puppies will take every opportunity they can to run around!

I'm not the only one that got creative this weekend! The husband began working on some of his projects too. The truck is half built here - getting ready for our annual Christmas crafting :) 
And the wood below is ready for the husband to get started with his crib building!
One day of crib building down, two months to go! lol.

Sunshine and snow makes for a great combination :) 
Hope you enjoyed your long weekend! 


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