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Monday, February 7, 2011

Small Town Theatre

You may or may not be aware that I went to see a little show called CHICAGO last week!!

It was preformed by some of Grande Prairie's finest actors and actresses!

The thing is... I'm use to big-time Toronto showcases, and this lovely production really just didn't compare. Don't get me wrong, I fully enjoyed myself at the show, it just wasn't quite the same thing I'm use to for several reasons...

Caveat: It was preview night, so they were still figuring out some details

1) There were only 6 men in the whole show, and all but one of them was over 50! This provided plenty of entertainment: overexcited (in more than one way) men on stage with 20-something girls, laughable off-tune singing voices, hilarious costume changes, etc. Seriously, if you're under 30, you'd have a lead role, no problem!

2) I knew people involved. Everywhere you turn there's someone who was involved in the background crew, or volunteering, or acting. It definitely makes a show like this one more enjoyable when you can talk to people you know about their roles after. GP feels so small sometimes.

3) The audience was the size of a toothpick. Ok, slightly bigger. But honestly someone on the other side was laughing like a hyena and I could hear her like she was directly behind me. The plus side of this is that we were two rows from the back and could see everything perfectly!

4) Musical errors were rampant. Lines were forgotten. It was all crazy cakes! (although it was preview night... ). You'd think this would annoy me, but actually I think it made the show more enjoyable. I laughed everytime (not out loud though, cause I didn't wanna be like the hyena lady).

All-in-all it was a fun night. There are definitely occasions for big-city productions, but this was definitely worth the fun evening out.

Ps - sorry for the poor photo quality... my iphone can only do so much.



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