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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Winter Fun Times

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Winter Fun Times

I've always found winter to be a difficult time of year to stay active, but it's particularly hard in Grande Prairie, where we have -40 degree weather, vicious winds (at times), and daylight for only 7 hours (all during work!).

Walking is something that I particularly love and have been deprived of this season. Not only me, but Joop also! We get out as much as we can, but the roads and sidewal
ks are covered in ice and his little paws can only take so much coldness. I've been braving the weather to try and allow him to have some walks though. Today was the first time I fell on the ice. Note to GPers: the sidewalks may look nicer, but they are actually still covered in slippery ice. It may be time for me to start wearing my wrist guard while I'm walking. Almost had break #4 today! Wouldn't that have been fun.... poor weak bones of mine.

Anyway, without being able to walk as much I've been hitting my indoor gym here to help stay fit. However, every good exercise routine needs variety - so in my attempt to be active I grabbed Mr. A, his brother (I'll call him Mr. B, lol), and his girlfriend (Miss P.) for a skating session. Unfortunately, I don't have all the pics yet - I only have the ones from my phone (of M
r. A and I), but you can enjoy those ones for now! Just like Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod use to tell us... "Stay Fit and Have Fun!".

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