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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Classic Christmas Sugar Cookies

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Classic Christmas Sugar Cookies

I've been on a bit of a baking kick this week. Baking cookies all over the place! But my nephew was coming for a sleepover, and he needed to make some Christmas cookies. So I had the dough all prepped in the fridge the night before and we set to baking as soon as he got here. 

There's something about this Christmas season that makes me want to bake all the time (& roast nuts & bolts!). Here are some pics from our fun night of baking... 

Squishing the dough. I gave him his own chunk of dough to copy what I was doing. Baking actually provides tons of great learning opportunities! (from the perspective of a speech therapist, lol).  

Mr. A and my nephew cutting out shapes for cookies. My nephew cut a few half-gingerbread men by accident. I said "you can't use those, they're broken", and he said, "They can still walk". He was right. They still had two hanging feet, so we baked them :)  

 Another important life lesson we taught: Cookie dough is delicious. 

 Cookie cutter shapes


After the baking was all said and done, we had to keep having some fun. We actually had a present under the tree for the little guy, so we let him unwrap it. We likely wouldn't see him again before Christmas, so it was a good opportunity to share. PLUS, if he opened it at night, he could play with the stuff the next day! Perfect :)

Opening the present 

Looking at the lego book together! 

For those interested, he got:
1) a snowman craft we built together
2) an elf craft we built together
3) a lego book with lego pieces to build the vehicles from the story

More fun Christmas activities :) 

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