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Love. Create. Celebrate. : I L-O-V-E Surprises :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I L-O-V-E Surprises :)

My husband is the best. 
True story. 

We got a book as a wedding gift that was filled with date ideas. It was called "101 Nights of Grrreat Romance". The trick to the book is that you can't read any of the dates and things ahead of time. Each date is assigned to the guy or the girl. We decided that we would try some, and have a month to complete them, so Russel and I each pulled one out. 

I did mine awhile ago (I'm not the best at keeping surprises). 
Russel just did his over the last month. He gave me a calendar with a bunch of numbered dates on it. On each of the 7 days he gave me a new clue, which led me to a new letter, which eventually spelled a word. 

Here's the calendar with the letters after I unscrambled them: 

This was the final letter I found, and the attached envelope. 

Tickets to a skating show were inside!!!!! 
This is obviously a gift for me... he would not go to this by choice, lol. 

Not just any show either. This show was called Holiday Festival on Ice, and had famous Canadian skaters that did routines to Christmas songs :) Amazing! 

I use to skate a lot when I was young, and I still watch skating on TV whenever I get a chance, so that was especially special to me. So thoughtful! The book only said he had to do a surprise! He went above and beyond obviously. 

Not only did I get tickets to an amazing show... but also I got this amazing necklace! LOVE it. 
I'm so spoiled.... ;)

This is a picture of us at the show. Sorry for the poor lighting issues...  

See some amazing skaters below...  From one of the routines. Then Kurt Browning from behind, and then Elvis Stojko! They were all amazing! 

The photos aren't great for a few reasons:
1) We weren't allowed to take pics - oops! 
2) The skaters were moving around. 
3) I was trying to take pics around a big head in front of me. 

Nevertheless... the event was great. Kurt Browning was hilarious too! It's amazing to see some of these skaters I've been watching for years up close. They make it look SO easy! So graceful and beautiful up close. Amazing moves that I will never be able to imagine doing in a million years. 

Such an amazing husband I have that's willing to do this for me! Very blessed. 
Fun romantic evening for two :) 

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