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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Oversized Christmas Centrepiece

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Oversized Christmas Centrepiece

Continuing my festive theme leads me to another project I've been working on! We were given an old wine crate full of dishes as one of our wedding gifs, and I thought, "I could do something with that". 

I'm sure there are a number of potential ideas for this box, but my Christmas spirit was at play, forcing me to craft something festive out of this lovely rustic box. Since we have an oversized kitchen table... why not an oversized centrepiece! lol. 

{Side note: the box is actually a bit too tall for our kitchen table, so we'll have to relocate it to a lower sitting coffee table in the future, but still a great piece!}

So here is the idea: A festive centrepiece. 

- old crate (pepsi? wine? etc.)
- stain
- fake snow
- candles
- scented pinecones
- holly branches
- mason jars

Step One: 
- stain old crate to desired darkness

Step Two:
- Fill mason jars with fake powder snow
- Add candles. You can use real ones, but I have these amazing fake tealights that you blow on to turn them on and off that were perfect and reusable (yep! you actually blow them out!)

Step Three: 
- Cut garland pieces to desired lengths (buy extra filler if needed for the bottom - my box was high so I needed extra to fill it)
- Place mason jars where you want them
- fill in spaces around mason jars with branches of holly, and garland

Step Four:
- Use pinecones to decorate and fill in the empty colour gaps
- I liked this pack because of the gold accent pieces and the scent
- Cinnamon scented glory - makes the room smell like Christmas :)

TA-DA!! Here's the finished product!

.....aaand a view from the top :)

I don't know if my pictures do it justice. It was a fun project to work on though. It's also very earthy feeling. Brings a bit of the (fake) outdoors, indoors! lol.

Stay tuned for even more Christmas projects....

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At December 3, 2012 at 6:59 AM , Blogger Jen said...

wow, Crafty Mc Crafterson! I like it a lot. That's also a really nice crate. You could do a different centrepiece with it for every season, with the same candles and jars! (sand in summer instead of snow? :)


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