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Love. Create. Celebrate. : 1. Learn to Knit (continued...)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

1. Learn to Knit (continued...)

So, I've learned to knit. I'm still working on the basics, but I've advanced from this post about knitting and I've gotten very good at making dishcloths! 

When I made this a goal on my 13 of 13 list, I didn't just want to learn one thing and drop it though. I wanted to build up a new talent, something that I can hopefully use in the future to make things for myself and my family. Therefore, I'm still working on it... the next project I had in line was to make an infinity scarf (you know, the popular ones that wrap around your neck twice...).  So I started looking up come patterns. At this point though, to be honest, the patterns are all jibberish to me.. I don't know know what the abbreviations mean, or what the different yarns are. So I've gathered some friends. And we "Stitch & Bitch" together :) It's actually been great, because the first time we met they taught me how to use circular needles, taught me how to read some basic patterns, and didn't even complain! 

So I finished my first scarf project.... 

I LOVE the colour, but the scarf is too short... it said to use 70 stitches for the length, but I used 85 and it was still too short. So then I tried 100 stitches and made another scarf.... 

Somehow I looped the yarn around... so it's actually a TRUE infinity scarf, but did that completely my accident. My friend informs me that it was probably an error right from the first row... but oh well! You can't really tell when I'm wearing it! 

Next step... crocheting!!

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