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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Baby Shower For Mark

Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby Shower For Mark

Here is the lovely mom-to-be! With her mother-in-law and sister-in-law :)
Since she hadn't had the baby yet at this shower, I decided to plan a craft that would benefit them when the baby came - giving them lots of extra onsies!

It's a bit dark, but the banner says "It's a boy!". The mama already told everyone the sex and the name, so we all know he'll be named Mark as well :)
All of this amazing food was prepared by her mother and sister-in-law.

But I  made the cute decorative tags. And the delicious chocolate cheese ball below! Which was gone by the end of the shower!

If you check out my last post on How to Make Freezer Paper Onsies, here's how it turned out at the shower! I started by hanging the pre-stenciled onsies on a clothing line on the porch. Having them pre-stenciled was great because it was less time consuming, and it meant that people didn't have to try to be too creative. They just had to colour!

I lined up the paints and supplies nicely (with matching decorations of course!) so that everyone had easy access to them :)
Supplies included: fabric paints, foam brushes, water dishes, paper towel and additional fabric paints that pop out from the design (used for accents like eyes on fish).

The ladies chose their own onsie to paint, and then hung it back up to dry when they were done :) We left the stendils on some until they were done drying so the colours wouldn't run.

Here's a few of the finished product :)

Again, check out here for how I did the whole project :)
I don't have any pics of the games unfortunately :( I was too busy hosting! But they were really fun too! Including a bingo game and a fun, quick diaper game :) Maybe I'll share them after I host my next baby shower!

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