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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Upcycled Storage Tins

Friday, June 7, 2013

Upcycled Storage Tins

Remember these?? I wrote about them in my post about Garage Sale Finds! The time has come to make them into something prettier :)

I bought the tins for about 50 cents with the intention of turning them into craft room strorage. The cool kids call this upcycling - recycling the items into something fresh and new again. Actually... I'd like to repeat this process with a few other items too so that I can have a very co-ordinated craft shelf one day. For this project I decided I wanted blues and teals in the room. I couldn't find a nice teal spray paint so I bought two different blue shades instead.

I started by sanding down all of the edges so that the new coat of paint would adhere properly.

Then I painted. A very light coat to start!

A couple more coats were added. Then painters tape was used so that we could pray the rims without turning the inside of the box blue. The paint was attached to the inside edge before being painted. The box below is actually standing on an edge of tape (kind of illistrates what I'm failing to explain?).

And ta-da! New colourful boxes :)

Filled with craft supplies (fabrics, washi tape, and clear stamping blocks for now).


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