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Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy Bee

Here are a few pics from another busy weekend. Eventually my life will slow down... right?!?

It's FINALLY sunny here! So I took advantage and ate my breakfast of champions on the back deck :) 
(As well as every other meal this weekend... )

I'll take the time outside when I can get it, even if it means spending Saturday morning weeding my gardens. 

A friend and I got busy doing some much needed scrapbooking! 

Baking up a storm of goodness. 

Blurry shots of Mr. A and I watching our friend sing live at a local bar :) She was awesome! 

We also saw Doc Walker in concert this weekend and he was amazing!! If only Mr. A hadn't had to work the next day, I could've stayed all night! And then I spent upteen hours on skype this weekend too... lots to talk about apparently! Lots of time outside and lots of socializing pretty much sums up my weekend - nothing wrong with that!  


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