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Love. Create. Celebrate. : How to Make Flower Petal Cards

Thursday, October 3, 2013

How to Make Flower Petal Cards

Are you a fan of making invitations? Or throwing parties? 
I was looking for a fun way to invite some friends over, and I'm always looking for creative ways to invite people over, so I created these flower petal invitations:

They were a fairly easy to make (from the perspective of a mediocre scrapbooker), and extremely fun to hand out. 
Mine were designed for this Pinterest party, but they can be used for anything!

Here's how they are made:

1. Cut out 4 circles for each invitation in whichever colour you want them to be. I used a diameter that was slightly over 4 inches (you could just do 4", but I wanted to make sure the invitations were covered well). Use any circle cutter - mine was Martha Stewart.

2. For each invitation, cut 1 matching 4"x4" square (same colour as circles). If you want to make inserts like mine, cut a 4"x4" inside colour square (mustard yellow), and a 3.5" by 3.5" white square.

3. For each circle, fold (score) right down the centre of the circle. Then make another fold line about 1cm to the right of that line (as pictured). 
(note: you can score these easily with a scoreboard like this)

4. Cut on the second line. Do this for all 4 circles.

5. Tape along the 1cm crease of all four circles using double-sided tape.

6. Line the edges up with the matching square, and adhere

7. I taped the mustard yellow piece a) to add colour, and b) to cover up the creases.

8. Tape the white insert inside of the invitation. I printed my invitations off of the computer first and then stamped some numbers to the center. You could easily hand write an invitation for a personal touch, or stamp the whole thing, depending on your preference.

9. Then you simple fold over the edges one as a time wrapping them underneath each other (like you're closing a cardboard box).

10. Embellish them however you like! I stamped leaves for my fall themed invitations, added name tags, and used jute string to tie them up :)

10 easy steps! 
Anyone can do it!

Happy crafting!


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