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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Garage Sale Finds

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Garage Sale Finds

Seasons are winding down already. 
Summer and garage sale season! 
We decided to take one more trip out and about to look for some interesting pieces before the cold air blows through town and the selling stops. 

We found a few nice treasures and didn't even spend $20!

1.Baby food jars! They don't look like anything special yet... but they will be crafted into storage for my buttons and little trinkets :) PLUS ... we got the cookie tin for free! Definitely will be used!

2. GAMES!!! Classic games for my therapy at work, including pop up pirate, chutes & ladders (previously known as snakes & ladders.... I guess snakes are too scary now), and a super hero matching game! If you look closely in the pic, you can see little super heroes on top of their red box - this game is amazing for little boys. Sooo proud of finding this! And an adult game too - classic risk board :)

3. Label maker - for garage and craft labels :)
4. Little white trees - for Christmas decorations (Free!!)
5. An old whiskey box - to be put to good crafting purposes (Free!!)
6.A table runner - for Christmas time :)

Then... since we had so much luck... we went out again :) Spending only $30 this time!

7. A wooden stand  - for craft displays :)

8. Scrapbook materials - included these practically unopened cardstock packs, the box, and more!

9. A pile of MDF  - I didn't take a picture of it... cause I didn't really care that much... lol. But Mr. A is excited to have some cheap new wood to build some shelves in the shop/shed!

10. A little stroller - for those days when we are traveling through airports, etc.Barely used and in great condition! And neutral colours of course :)

11. A playpen - This unused playpen was sold to us for $40! It's beautiful and untouched and easy to transport to Grandmas house when needed. We actually bought this one a while ago, but I thought I'd show it off with the other prizes :)

If only there were garage sales to occupy my time all year long! 


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