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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Staying Active During Pregnancy

Monday, September 9, 2013

Staying Active During Pregnancy

I'm trying to be a good pregnant mama. 
Trying to choose the right foods and avoid the wrong ones (although some junk foods definitely slip in!)
Attempting to get the right amount of sleep, although often unsuccessful. 
Doing my best to stay active. 
This is hard though.

I can't run anymore, mostly because I just don't feel comfortable. I know people say you can run if you're in a routine (which I was), but I just felt like every time I struggled for breath, that it was affecting the baby. I'm sure the baby was fine, but for my own piece of mine, I cut out running. I can't push myself too hard like I did in bootcamp last summer. I can't lift too much. Or work too hard. Or get too tired. 
What else is left to do??

I'm still trying to be purposeful about some outdoor activities, such as gardening, but as the summer winds down, I know my time outdoors will take a hit as well. 

So I found three activities that I can keep doing throughout the year and feel comfortable with.
Walking. Swimming. Yoga. 
This is my new fitness routine. 
When life isn't overtaken by holidays, I'm walking every day, swimming once or twice a week, and taking prenatal yoga classes once or twice a week. 

Walking is just a part of life for me with two dogs at home. No big change here. Just continuing to walk whenever I get the chance. Hopefully this continues in our -20 or -30 degree winters too!

 I have always liked swimming, but now it's become purposeful. It feels great to have my growing belly feel weightless again in the water. Plus I feel like I'm getting real exercise doing laps - like if I wasn't in the water, I'd be sweating. But I don't feel like I'm overdoing it or out of breath like I did when I was running.
It's great exercise! 

I'm new to this whole yoga world, but so far it's fantastic. Prenatal yoga takes out all of the "dangerous" moves and keeps it simple. On top of that, my yoga instructor gives tips all the time such as "This is great if you have swollen feet", "This is a great way to relax during contractions", and "This is a great position for stretching out your lower back". I love it! It's also super relaxing. I honestly do feel like it takes away my weekly stressors when I do yoga. This activity will continue for as long as my body allows!

Hopefully this good exercise will continue as my belly continues to grow! 


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At September 10, 2013 at 7:06 AM , Blogger Jen Claus said...

You go girl! Way to grow a healthy baby (and be a healthy mama! :)


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