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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Cloth Diaper Considerations [Part II]

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cloth Diaper Considerations [Part II]

Spoiler Alert: We already bought some cloth diapers :)

If you read here, you'll know that we have decided to try cloth diapers with our first born (due this January!).
But deciding is only step one - then comes deciding which types to use. 
For those that don't know about cloth diapers, you may be thinking, "What? Types?", and for those of you that used cloth 30 years ago, you might be thinking "Isn't it just cloth and safety pins?". 
Cloth diapers have come a LONG way. Now there are types, and sizes, and colours, and companies. 
There is a LOT to think about. 

Since I don't have any skills in the sewing department, making my own was immediately out of the question. 
So I contacted an amazing lady in Grande Prairie who owns Belly Button Baby and sells cloth diapers and supplies out of her home :)
She sat down with us for free and first reviewed all of the advantages of using cloth (some I wrote about in my previous post) and showed us all of the different types and discussed pros and cons of all of them. It was extremely helpful and informative. 
So then we have some decisions to make. 

First, do we use all-in-one, pockets, or inserts for diapers?
All-in-ones are just like other diapers, except instead of throwing them away after use, you wash them. Probably the easiest type to use out there. Pocket diapers have inserts attached that stuff in to absorb everything. And the inserts have removable inserts that you can replace throughout the day as needed. 
We chose to start by buying the insert one-size diapers. We mostly chose these because I plan to take the baby out of the house with cloth diapers and I prefer the idea of carrying around a ton of extra inserts, to carrying around complete diapers. It also means I buy less shells (which may make my organizational life a bit easier. And this is the first type that I have any experience with, so I was biased from the beginning ;) Totally personal preference for me. 
But we did buy a few all-in-one diapers as well because I'm worried that my insert ones will be too bulky, and I'll need a few all-in-ones (a bit smaller in size) for some outfits (i.e. preventing some bulky bums).

We chose the brand Peachy Baby because the diapers are made in Canada, they come in loads of cute colours, and they are a soft fleece on the inside to prevent pinching on his or her little legs and keeps the insert in place nicely :)

Then, snaps or velcro?

You already know what kind I chose, so you know I picked snaps. Mostly because I think they will stand up longer, not get caught on outfits, blankets, materials, etc., and I think they look nicer :) 
I did buy a few velcro to try as well... so we'll see if I change my mind!

A couple of the All-In-One Diapers we bought :)

And then comes the extras.... 
We also bought wet bags to use in my diaper bag, and for laundry that have wet and dry sections for diapers. We bought reusable wipes, made of hemp and bamboo (I'll add some natural cleansers to them when we wipe). And we bought diaper friendly detergent. We should be all set!

I'm planning to just use disposables for the first couple weeks of baby. 1) to get past the first few days of yucky stuff, and 2) to get a routine and get my life together before introducing a new curve ball. 
But overall I'm feeling confident about my plan to use cloth diapers! And I'm excited to try now! 
Hopefully they are as easy as they sound! 
I'm sure I'll keep you updated :)


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At November 18, 2013 at 10:26 AM , Anonymous Katie Vschaaf said...

Good choices mama


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