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Love. Create. Celebrate. : [Belated] Christmas Crafts

Monday, January 6, 2014

[Belated] Christmas Crafts

This post is a tad belated... but I still wanted to share so read on!

 My husband and I have a tradition of creating Christmas crafts together each year.
The first year we painted ornaments. The second year we decorated picture frames.
This is our third year and we seem to be getting more ambitious!

This year, inspired by a picture in a magazine, my amazingly talented husband MADE these items from scratch in his garage for us to decorate!
I'm so impressed by his talent.
The truck is meant to resemble our truck, so obviously he took all of the little details seriously.

 I got out everything we needed to decorate and we got started.

Here's how the pieces evolved: 

 The trees and the truck were painted.
We were a bit late finishing the craft this year, but these items will definitely make for a nice display in Christmas 2014.

The boxes were decorated with Christmas scrapbook paper using Mod Podge.
I'm excited to add some ribbons, labels, and other little touches when I put them out next year.
Who knows... maybe I'll even hide a gift in one box one year!

This marks the official end to our Christmas season here.
I even packed these decorations up for head to Christmas storage.
I'm sure next years craft will look very different, as it has to include the new baby somehow.
Little hands or footprints? Is 11 months too small for finger painting?
Who knows!  Lots to look forward to!
Hope you liked our 2013 Christmas craft :)


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