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Love. Create. Celebrate. : 3. Leave Canada - Check?

Monday, April 28, 2014

3. Leave Canada - Check?

There are a few obvious advantages of having family in Southern BC: warmth, beaches, and proximity to the border for cheap shopping! 
When our family suggested crossing the border for a little retail therapy, I jumped at the chance. 
Who would say no to that??
Well… maybe my husband would… but he knows how much I like it!

So in the middle of our holiday, we took the baby over the border for some more driving. 
Here she is sleeping in the back seat: 

Our first pit stop was to see the beautiful tulip fields in full bloom. 
Photo credit goes to my nephew (it was too muddy for me to trudge in with my white shoes!).
We only took pictures at the yellow and red fields, but there were sooo many beautiful colours. 
I still think the classic red tulip is my favourite though :) 

And then mama taught her baby a very valuable life skill: how to shop!
We did a lot of shopping in two days, but I only took a couple of pictures. 
Summer clothes for mommy and Ellie, and some toys for Daddy. 
She was actually very good again. For the most part, she settled easily in her stroller. We just needed a few feeding breaks throughout the day. We also held her a few times so that she could get out of the stroller. A weekend shopping trip like this will be very different in another year, when we have a mobile baby that doesn't want to be stuck in the stroller, but for now, it worked just fine!

Ellie relaxed alongside the rest of us after a day full of shopping and enjoyed her first stay in a hotel room :) She also practiced her newest skills: grabbing her ball (on purpose!) and bringing it up to her mouth!

If you noticed, I questioned whether or not I completed this goal in the title. 
I added "Leave Canada" to my 14 of 14 goal list, but I also had it on last years list. 
And I used a very similar trip into Washington last year to complete the same goal - lame! 
Also, we have another (think different continent!) exciting trip planned for later in the year *fingers crossed*. So, technically… this goal is done. But actually, I'm not calling it done. Because you can't use the same trip twice! And because there are exciting border-crossing trips yet to come for this little family :) 


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At April 29, 2014 at 7:17 AM , Blogger Jen Claus said...

Aw, looks like fun. And those tulip fields are gorgeous.. I've always wanted to see those in real life. Ellie is so cute!


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