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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Is it really that hard. (1) I throw ball. (2) You get ball. (3) You bring ball back. Joop consistently forgets step 3. The game is not called throw-ball-so-dog-can-run-away-from-me-for-a-whole-hour! Geez louise.

Yet, I still love him.

The other week I left the pup with a friend so that I could travel home and it turns out he's a total TWAT WAFFLE when I'm not around! He tried to eat her food, puked on the carpet, ran around so he didn't have to go in the bedroom in the morning, wimpered all day and night, and just generally didn't listen. Thanks for your patience Winnepeg! Stupid little pup. Then he thought he ruled the house and proceeded to not listen to me when I got home. I had to whip that little pup back into shape. Twat Waffle. It only took him a few days, but what a stubborn little guy.

Yet, I still love him.
Fetch, Joopje! FETCH!



At February 9, 2011 at 5:40 AM , Anonymous Jen said...

Joopje is SO cute!!! tell him I said hi. poor guy, he musta missed ya.
Also, we should catch up on skype soon! i'll try to leave it on.
have a good day. i miss you!


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