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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Monday, April 4, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

SO I have this friend, whom shall remain nameless, who recently told me that she thought shoes never went out of style. I literally laughed for a full minute. I LOVE her for being so unmaterialistic (not a real word) that she thinks its true.

Then I got thinking about new shoes I have for the upcoming spring and summer season. I picked my current 5 favourites (tough decision). In no particular order....

Pretty sandals that I haven't worn yet. These ones fit the trend that's out right now. Who doesn't love the gladiator sandal thing that's going on?!
I love these wedges (and another pair I have) so comfortable, and yet so pretty. It makes me feel like 90% more feminine if I have any height on my shoes.
Yep, I gave in to the converse hype. They're super fun to wear with skinny jeans too!
Comfiest shoes ever. I bought them last year and I wear them with everything. They are sooo practical. Oh, and pretty!
These are just practical. They have come in VERY handy so far on my dog walks. Plus, aren't they fun and pretty?!

I kind of like this thought train... maybe I'll do my top 5 accessories next!



At April 5, 2011 at 4:52 AM , Anonymous Jen said...

thank for for allowing that friend to remain nameless. I'm pretty sure she appreciates it, she told me so.
i dunno about those gladiators Lindeye... pretty sure I couldn't pull them off. But I'm not a fashionista like yourself. :)
i really like the comfies!!
have a good day!
love, jen

At April 7, 2011 at 6:50 PM , Anonymous Alishia said...

LOVE the rainboots!! Where did you get them?


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