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Love. Create. Celebrate. : 5. Plant and Maintain a Flower Garden - Check!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

5. Plant and Maintain a Flower Garden - Check!

My husband says I've achieved this goal because I've planted the gardens, weeded them several times, and none of the flowers are dead!

Here's a couple pictures from the front of our house with the new rock-less gardens:
(see before pictures here)

And my fluttering guest while I was weeding :)

One of my flower baskets from the front:

The dogs hiding from the hot sun.

And a peak at the back circular garden - still blooming some new August flowers!
(again before pictures here)

I love the addition that the fountain added to the yard! 
Next year I'm planning to add a couple rows of annuals around the edge of the circular garden, but obviously we didn't get there this summer. 
I'm really happy with the progress though. 
Also, I'm double plus happy that the rocks are gone, and somewhat surprised that all the plants (new and old!) are still alive :) 
Happy gardening! 


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