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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Saskatoon Berry Picking

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saskatoon Berry Picking

I got an invite from a friend to pick some of the infamous Prairie berries from her property this year and I jumped at the chance. 
First Saskatoon berry picking was a huge success if you ask me! 

Here's what they look like: 

For those who haven't tried them before (I'm speaking to all you Ontarians...) they are the size of blueberries, but more of a purple colour (sometimes reddish). 
They are not as sweet as most other berries, and they are full of seeds (think raspberries full of seeds).
They have a nice natural sweetness and they're quite good actually! 

After a good long soak in some salt water (to remove the worms... *shudder*) they are ready to go!
These berries are going to get cooked into a nice Saskatoon berry pie!
And possibly some muffins as well :) 


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