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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Winterizing the Garden

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Winterizing the Garden

Nothing like a cool October evening to motivate you to clean up the garden. 
Luckily we didn't have too much to clean up. 
Mostly because we didn't actually plant too much this year... (whoops!)

Step One: Baskets
All the flowers in here were dead anyway (I may have given up on watering them....). 
We had filled the baskets in the Spring with annuals, so all I had to do this fall was clean out the roots, and spread the remaining dirt over some low spots in our gardens. 
Easy peasy.

Step Two: Front Garden. 
Still blooming and looking lovely, but if I want to be able to plant the calla lillies again next year, I needed to save the bulbs before the ground froze! 
One skiff of snow a couple weeks ago (that's right... I've already seen snow this year!! Welcome to northern Alberta!), was enough to convince me that the bulbs needed to come out pronto.

Bending down in the garden was not as easy as it use to be! 
<imagine crazy-pressure-on-your-abdomen-as-you-try-to-bend here>
This baby is really starting to get in my way... but I'm not complaining :)

We also cut down the other plants so that they'd be ready for the spring next year too :)

*sigh* this may mean that winter and coldness are really on their way... 
At least we're ready for the winter now... not that I'm inviting it to come or anything...
The bulbs are safely stored in a cool area of the basement, so hopefully they will survive our long winter and be willing to grow again next year! They were really beautiful throughout the summer and I'd love to see them regrow!

This marks the end of my gardening posts for 2013. 
More to come in 2014 (dispersed between adorable baby pictures & posts!).


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