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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Waiting...

Thursday, January 9, 2014


I feel like I'm waiting in line for a really awesome roller coaster. 
You know the one? Everybody wants to go on it which means you have to stand in line for hours. 
Just waiting. And waiting. 
And every once in a while you look back and think "whoa, we've come a long way - almost there now", but then you wait some more.
I'm sure that once I reach the roller coaster, all this waiting will have been worth it... but it's taking a really, really long time! 
I haven't even reached my due date yet but I feel overdue. 
Heaven help me if I go 10 days late! 
I'm keeping myself as busy as possible, and I've had a few visitors, but there's only so much an almost 9 month pregnant lady can do before she gets tired and worn out.
Sitting around the house is starting to get boring. 
At least when I'm at home with the baby I'll have something amazing to look at!

Here's a glimpse into how I've been spending my time... while waiting...

 I've already cooked my fair share of frozen meals, so I decided to bake some treats. Apparently it's nice to have snacks at 3am when the baby is feeding and I'm wide awake :)

Sitting in front of the fireplace. Reading. Knitting. Reading again.

 Finding random little things that need to get done. This pillow clearly needed to be sewed up! The floor needed sweeping and vaccuuming. The pantry needed to be cleared out.. .hmmm... what else?!

 I've gotten a bit of scrapbooking done. Early thank you cards and baby scrapbook pages are on the to-do list. Lack of brain power due to lack of sleep is causing somewhat of a barrier to this activity however...

So there you have it. 
I've also been walking the dogs daily and doing all the errands I can (e.g. groceries, printing photos, etc.). Maybe all the walking will help! 
I'm sure that the roller coaster will be worth it. So for now, I'll just keep waiting... 


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At January 10, 2014 at 3:01 AM , Anonymous Katie Vschaaf said...

It's long at the end. You have waited more than 9 months but probably your entire womanhood waiting to be a mother. . Anticipating what your child will look like. There is no greater gift in this life on earth. I think about it all the time... Casey took his first breath of life skin to skin with me after I grew him, carried him for 42 weeks. I'm sooo excited for you! And really hope you don't go over due! They won't let yo go over 2 weeks so, max 15 days till you have that baby in your arms!!! :)

At January 10, 2014 at 6:03 AM , Blogger Jen Claus said...

I'm thinking of you lots! I know it seems like the days are sooooo loooong at that point. And everyone tells you that before you know it your baby will be here, but it still seems really long. It's true what Katie said though, max 15 days and probably a lot less than that! Hang in there mama, you're doing awesomely :)


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