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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Getting Active Again

Monday, March 10, 2014

Getting Active Again

One of my 14 of 14 goals this year was to get back to my pre-pregnancy baby weight. 
It seems that I may have let my weight gain get a little out of control while I was pregnant…
I've been watching my weight my whole life. Always trying to get it down. Always struggling. 
Then, when I was pregnant, I was given leeway to eat what I wanted, when I wanted and not be judged or criticized or looked at funny.
I liked my pregnant body. I liked my body for one of the first times in my life.
Don't get me wrong, I did try to eat healthily, for Ellie's sake. but I ate way too much of it! 
And weight gain was my reward.
<cue sad saxophone sound>

Six weeks have passed now. I've had my post-pregnancy OB check-up. 
There are no more excuses not to get back into exercising!
It's really important to me that I get this pregnancy weight off. If I don't, I'll just continue to gain weight with the next baby, and it'll be that much harder the next time around - although I will be a more conscious of my weight gain with baby #2. 

So here I am - at month #1 of my pregnancy (almost no weight gained) and at month #10 after Ellie was born.

Obviously I have gained some weight!
So, now what? I need a plan.

To start, I joined Weight Watchers. They have a great plan that will help me keep track of the portions of food I'm eating and still allow me to eat what I want (in moderation!). They also take breastfeeding into consideration and ensure I have enough calories for me and the baby. I know lots of people that have had success with this program, so here's hoping *crosses fingers*.

Next, I'm getting back into exercising!
This can be somewhat limited by having a newborn. Going out can be a challenge - where would the baby go while I'm at the gym? And staying in can be a challenge if she wants my full attention - which she usually does. But I have found some time to workout to my X-Box Zumba game, to go on the stationary bike at home, and to walk on the track at the indoor sports centre.

Right now my plan is to try to exercise at least 3 times a week. This includes Zumba, stationary bikes, swimming (one day!) and my "Mommy and Baby Yoga" class that I started last week. Then I hope to walk almost every day. The dogs, Ellie and I all will need the fresh air. Plus, now that it's not -30C outside, walking has more appeal :) With spring coming, I'll be able to walk more, and hopefully run with Ellie once she has more head support!

Wish me luck! Here's to getting active again!


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At March 10, 2014 at 7:01 PM , Anonymous Katie vschaaf said...

Feel ya! I was just talking about this. I LOVED my pregnant body. But you go from having a firm hard tummy (even tho there's a baby in there) to a bowl full of jelly. I gained almost 50lbs and have lost just over half and he's 8 months now.. it's a different kind of weight gain right, it takes time for your body to suck itself back in even as the "pounds" come off my body doesn't look the same. It was my goal to lose all my baby weight before getting pregnant again too.. hopefully i make it. Not letting myself go EVER :) I haven't changed my diet too much but we love and use isagenix everyday and Lucy gets long walks every day otherwise I've tried to be easy on myself. Good luck!! :)

At March 10, 2014 at 7:42 PM , Blogger Lindi V said...

I LOVE you. These are my exact feelings. Too bad you didn't live closer - we could help each other out on our weight loss journeys! We'll just have to support each other from afar :)


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