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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Off to [his] work I go

Monday, July 15, 2013

Off to [his] work I go

How I love summer here! I love being able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine after our long 6 months of winter. this plan would be amazing, if only my husband was able to come outside and enjoy life with me. Unfortunately, the sunshine brings with it a busy bridge building season :( We've booked one weekend off to go camping (which I'm SOOO looking forward to!!), but other than that the summer is looking pretty bland. I do get one very brief visit home to see my family that I can't wait for, but it won't be the same because my husband isn't coming with me (damn bridges!).

In an effort to get to see him on a Saturday, I decided to head out to work with him. I always talk about wanting to see all the little places around Grande Prairie. Since I didn't grow up here, there are lots of towns that I hear about, but have never seen. So off to work I went... on a Saturday... with the dogs (they wanted to see Falher too!).

I knew before I went that I would have to keep myself busy for a couple hours, but a couple of hours quickly turned into several hours, which was a little longer than I hoped for. As Mr. A worked away in the fields, I went for a couple nice long walks with the dogs, and did some knitting and scrapbook planning while the dogs ran around the fields off leash. There was no one around, and they were listening really well, so I felt ok letting them wander a bit. Other than almost getting attacked by a swarm of crows (Picture Alfred Hitcock's "The Birds"), it was a pretty uneventful afternoon. Just relaxed while my man slaved away.

When the work was all over we finally got to wander into the city for a tour (can you call it that if it's only one street?) and some food. Everything about Falher screamed small town to me, and reminded me quite a bit of Ayr, Ontario where I grew up. Serving pop cans at restaurants, old warn-out signs on buildings, no stores you've ever heard of before, streets emptying around 5 o'clock on a Saturday. Very small town-ish. Except for the one main attraction - a giant bee! Yep. Apparently Falher is a town flowing with honey. So much so that they made a giant bee sculpture to show off with. I guess this was the highlight of the trip?! lol. Mr. A got all embarrassed cause I wanted to take some pictures of it... apparently that's not cool. 

Lastly, emember this baby hat I started a millennium ago??  Well, after that night I pretty much set it down and never touched it again. Knitting is more of a winter activity in my eyes. Something that I do curled up on the couch with a cup of tea :) But I decided I would get back to it because I really want to get this project done! So I took my knitting along for the roadtrip, and finally got a little farther on my baby hat while the dogs explored the fields off leash. Success!

That was the end of our work adventure. Long walks. Fields. Giant bees. Knitting. The puppies were certainly ready for a nice long nap when we got home :) 


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At July 16, 2013 at 11:08 AM , Blogger Jen Claus said...

That giant bee is hilarious. Also, I think you should definitely get 'wife points' for going along with Russel for the day and entertaining yourself so nicely! ;)


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