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Love. Create. Celebrate. : The Big Reveal

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Big Reveal

Well... after you tell your husband the new baby news, you have to tell your parents right?? 

We told Mr. A's mom pretty early because he was very eager to share the news. The conversation went something like this: 

Mr. A: Hey mom, do you have any old oak in the shop?
Mom: I don't know... 
Mr. A: Or pine? Any nice wood pieces?
Mom: I don't know. We can check. Why?
Mr. A: I need to build a crib
Mom: What? No you don't!! 
Me: Yep, he does! 
Mom: No, you guys are tricking me! No! Really?
Mr. A: yep! 
<insert many hugs here>

It was a pretty great, albeit short, conversation. So then I need to tell my parents, which can be a bit more challenging because my parents live three provinces away. I knew I wanted to send them something, but I needed a natural time and reason to send a gift. We decided to make the announcement in the guise of a Father's Day gift. We sent two packages - one for dad and one for mom (so she wouldn't feel left out). And told the parents to open them on Skype when they arrived. We had dad open his first, since it was slightly less obvious. Here's the gift and the note he received:

I'm sure he'll find a use for mini hockey sticks when his grandbabies come to visit! But there could be lots of explanations for this... so then it was mom's turn:

She was already jumping around because she had peeked inside the gift to see what it might be. When it was opened, both parents had huge grins on their faces and my mom was jumping around like a little school girl. "Does this mean what I think it means!? Does it mean what I think?" That's all I remember her saying, lol. Until I confirmed that yes, it did mean what she thought. Very exciting way to reveal the news to my parents! Here's a couple pics of my smiley parents during that Skype call:

"Does this mean what I think it means?!?"

Apparently our Father's Day gift trumped the gift from my brothers. They gave him a case of beer. I gave him a grandchild, lol. Don't know how I'll top that next year!


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