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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Job Changes & Challenges

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Job Changes & Challenges

For the first year and a bit of working as a real-life professional speech-language pathologist I worked with a caseload that was 100% child-based and I've enjoyed this position a LOT more than I thought I would. When I graduated I thought that I wanted to work solely with adults. I took the position in GP because it was available, it paid good money, and it was something different, but I've actually come to love the schools I work in.

However, last week when one of my colleagues left, they gave me the opportunity to shift into a new caseload. This would mean that I continue to work with children, but also gain a significant adult community caseload. It's only been a few days of reading through files, doing some observations, and answering some adult referrals, but I already know I love this position. Community is ideal for me because I get to see some of everything (although the majority will be dysphagia, or swallowing, for you non-SLP types). I just find the medical side of our job to be fascinating. I thought about applying for a hospital job that became available at one point, but I'm pretty sure that the learning curve will be a bit too steep for me at this point.

This job provides a lot of challenges for me: new medical conditions, new protocols, new charting systems, new referral methods, etc. Plus, since I have a greater interest in these cases in general, I already find myself doing more individual research. I can tell that I'm going to be quite busy.

I'm hoping that I can adjust quickly to the pressures that come with this new position. I'm blessed to have a really great work environment and really great colleagues that can help me make a smooth transition. Wish me luck!

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