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Love. Create. Celebrate. : Easy Radish Dip

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Easy Radish Dip

So now that I've signed up for this CSA in Grande Prairie. I have to figure out how to use up all my veggies before the next batch arrives! If I had a whack of corn and potatoes, I could polish those off no problem, but instead I have radishes. What do people do with radishes?

There's the obvious... add them to salad! Which was actually a great idea. Adds some colour and flavour to my salad. I never would have bought these, but I can see myself doing it in the future now just for the added texture and interest. Also, the taste is very muted in the salad so it wasn't as strong as putting a whole radish in your mouth.

But that still left me with more radishes... so I found an easy radish dip and made an appetizer for my guest and husband. The husband really liked it and kept eating it all week actually! It's super easy!

I block cream cheese
6-7 radishes
4 cloves of garlic

Mince garlic and radishes in food processor, then add cream cheese and blend.
(add radishes to make it even healthier, and add garlic if you like things really garlicy)
We found the dip strong at first, and then the taste was a bit muted and better the next day.


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