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Love. Create. Celebrate. : First Father's Day (sort of...)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

First Father's Day (sort of...)

Because I like celebrating, and I like babies, I gave Mr. A a Father's Day gift this year (last month). 
Even though there was no baby for him to hold yet.
Just an early gift! I think he was surprised :)
And excited once he read the card which told him that the gift was something to get him excited about playing again! 
(also take note of the boy-ish wrapping paper - chosen especially for this husband!)

He got baby lego! 
I'm positive he would've preferred real lego - but those little pieces don't need to show up in my house for at least a few years! He can still sit beside the baby and build with these legos! Right?!
This baby will be building lego bridges in no time! 
No need to worry about his or her fine motor skills :)


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