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Love. Create. Celebrate. : June 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Scrapbooking from our Wedding

I'm still working away on completing one of my 13 of 13 goals
to "scrapbook a complete wedding album".
I'm just over halfway through the 2013 year, and I've managed to scrapbook right up to the ceremony now. Here are 3 different ceremony pages I did. 
I feel like they're all very different, and they all capture very different aspects of the ceremony. 
I'm quite happy with the finished products :)

 And a couple of close-ups on some details I liked! A cute tag with journaling, and a couple of cute pennants really complete the page!

Since I already finished some wedding party pages here, next up is... a page dedicated to me and my man, and then... RECEPTION! 
Lots of fun pictures to look through there :)
I still think this goal is do-able!


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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sugar Cookie Fruit Tarts

I must not be worried about gaining a ton of weight, cause I keep baking!
The good thing is that we keep having friends over and events to go to, so we can pawn the good food off on other people!

I made these cookie tarts for my small group that came over in the evening
(we always share coffee/tea and a dessert!).

Start by making your favourite sugar cookie recipe.
Then cut out circles that are slightly bigger than the bottom of your muffin tin and place them on top.
Bake as your recipe instructs!

Get your fruit ready while they are cooling.

And that's it really... sugar cookie fruit tarts! I mixed up an icing to go on the bottom (just milk and icing sugar). And my husband topped all of his with either whipped cream or ice cream. Or both.
They would also probably be great with a custard or pudding on the inside with the fruit!

Fun. Quick. Easy. Delicious.
That's the way I like my desserts :)


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Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy Bee

Here are a few pics from another busy weekend. Eventually my life will slow down... right?!?

It's FINALLY sunny here! So I took advantage and ate my breakfast of champions on the back deck :) 
(As well as every other meal this weekend... )

I'll take the time outside when I can get it, even if it means spending Saturday morning weeding my gardens. 

A friend and I got busy doing some much needed scrapbooking! 

Baking up a storm of goodness. 

Blurry shots of Mr. A and I watching our friend sing live at a local bar :) She was awesome! 

We also saw Doc Walker in concert this weekend and he was amazing!! If only Mr. A hadn't had to work the next day, I could've stayed all night! And then I spent upteen hours on skype this weekend too... lots to talk about apparently! Lots of time outside and lots of socializing pretty much sums up my weekend - nothing wrong with that!  


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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hilling the Vegetable Garden

I didn't even know "hilling" was a thing until this year. 
Apparently it is. And it's important! 

Here's a glimpse at how well our onions and potatoes are growing (pre-hilling).

And here's mom and I doing the dirty work. Literally.

And here are the onions and potatoes all hilled up! Ready to grow some more!
Apparently this keeps them in the soil when they like to grow upwards. Prevents the potatoe tops from turning that greenish colour.

The dogs were enjoying their freedom on the acreage again :)

That's not all that's growing! Look at the progress on our lovely plants in the greenhouse! They're getting to big now! We're gonne have to transplant them to the garden soon!


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Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby Shower For Mark

Here is the lovely mom-to-be! With her mother-in-law and sister-in-law :)
Since she hadn't had the baby yet at this shower, I decided to plan a craft that would benefit them when the baby came - giving them lots of extra onsies!

It's a bit dark, but the banner says "It's a boy!". The mama already told everyone the sex and the name, so we all know he'll be named Mark as well :)
All of this amazing food was prepared by her mother and sister-in-law.

But I  made the cute decorative tags. And the delicious chocolate cheese ball below! Which was gone by the end of the shower!

If you check out my last post on How to Make Freezer Paper Onsies, here's how it turned out at the shower! I started by hanging the pre-stenciled onsies on a clothing line on the porch. Having them pre-stenciled was great because it was less time consuming, and it meant that people didn't have to try to be too creative. They just had to colour!

I lined up the paints and supplies nicely (with matching decorations of course!) so that everyone had easy access to them :)
Supplies included: fabric paints, foam brushes, water dishes, paper towel and additional fabric paints that pop out from the design (used for accents like eyes on fish).

The ladies chose their own onsie to paint, and then hung it back up to dry when they were done :) We left the stendils on some until they were done drying so the colours wouldn't run.

Here's a few of the finished product :)

Again, check out here for how I did the whole project :)
I don't have any pics of the games unfortunately :( I was too busy hosting! But they were really fun too! Including a bingo game and a fun, quick diaper game :) Maybe I'll share them after I host my next baby shower!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to Make Freezer Paper Onesies

I was getting ready to help host another baby shower and looking for a fun crafty activity
(cause that's what I do... ).
So I decided to paint onsies at the shower!
Here's how I made them, with the practice ones at home.
First I bought fabric paint, and lots of onsies in different sizes (0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, etc.).
In this case, we knew my friend was having a baby boy, so we picked boy coloured onsies, and coordinating paint colours.

We printed pictures off of the computer, and traced them onto Freezer Paper (found in your local grocery store!). Then I used my crafting knife to cut out the parts of the shape that I wanted to paint.

For this batman symbol, I cut out the yellow area so that I could paint that section.
Then I cut a peice of freezer paper to put behind it (in the middle of the onsie). That way the paint won't bleed through to the other side of the onsie. Then you iron on the freezer paper. Both the front stencil, and the piece in the middle will adhere nicely to the onsie.

I painted with foam brushes because they fill nicely and don't leave brush strokes. Once the paint dries, you can easily peel away the stencil, and you get a great outline of your picture!

Then I made mine more complicated by cutting out a stencil to cover up the yellow painted part, and allow me to paint the black sections. I did the exact same process (tracing, cutting, ironing, and painting).

And when you peel away the freezer paper - ta-da! Perfect super hero baby outfit!

And here's the sample one my husband made :) The shower is for his good friend's baby. A hobby of theirs is to go paintballing, so he decided to make a onsie that looked like it had been in a paintball fight, lol. It turned out amazing!

Stay tuned to see how it all worked at the baby shower!!


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